Nalknad Palace: A True Taste Of Indian Heritage!

The first point of interest in the city of Coorg was the Nalknad Palace. I, along with my friends, headed towards this famous place in Coorg. Asking the driver the whereabouts of the palace, he pointed out towards a wall on the left. We all had been expecting a huge palace with all the royal structures and decorations, but this seemed to be quite a simple place situated in a dense forest.

While entering, we found that this palace is situated on the highest peak in Kodagu.  It was the home of the last King of Coorg, named ChickaVirarajendra before he surrendered to the British forces. Looking from outside, we could just see a simple structure built with two floors, resembling any other house in the area. But upon entering, we saw the royalty of the structure. The pillars of the palace had figures of snakes carved on it. In some religions, this caricature is said to protect the place from evil forces.

Moving inside the palace, we entered the rooms of the king and the queen covered by murals that even today grab your attention. One painting of interest was the one depicting the return of the king after defeating Tipu Sultan.

Nalknad Palace Coorg

Nalknad Palace Coorg | Image Resource :

However, the murals present in the queen’s room were different from that of the king. The way they were carved out and the attention to every detail was totally amazing. There were paintings of women dressed in typical Indian style with the Pallu over their head.

We were astonished to find that these murals were recovered after a very long time, and there still are a number of walls left where paintings and murals need to be restored.

Some part of the walls even had most recent paintings as this place is often used for movie shootings.

It is a pity we do not value such a heritage and do not take efforts in preserving the same. However, this place turned out to be an exciting and learning experience for us. These walls have a story to tell, and each painting depicts an episode in the life of kings and queens of that era.

Nalknad Palace Interior View

Nalknad Palace Interior View | Image Resource :

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