Deekshabhoomi: The Seat Of Pilgrimage In Nagpur

After the historic Ramtek temple the next location of tourism significance that I visited while my Nagpur trip was the Deekshabhoomi which is the hub of Buddhist pilgrims in the region. Pilgrims from all over the world visit this giant stupa  in memorial of the great event of the conversion of Dr Bhimrao Ambekar into Buddhism.

Hence the Deekshabhoomi does not only hold historic but also religious significance in the pages of the glorious past of Indian culture. Designed by the famous architect Sheo Dan Mal the Deekshabhoomi stretches over four acres of land in a significant location of the city. This archaeological heritage was inaugurated by the former president of India, K.R. Narayanan on 18th of December 2001.


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Being an admirer of architecture I could very well recognize the stupa style of architecture of this monument. It comprises of a two storied hemispheric building along with gates that resemble the prominent Buddhist monument i.e. the Sanchi gate. The design of the monument at Deekshabhoomi was quite evocative of the form of architecture of the Sanchi stupa. But what makes it different from the Stupa of Sanchi is that this stupa is hollow from inside. It is the largest hollow Buddhist stupa in the world.


I was amazed by the impeccable beauty of this mega structure. The inner circular hall is beautifully adorned with marbles, granite and Dholpur sandstone and has a large dimension of 4000 square feet. An image of Buddha is placed at the centre of the hall. This image was offered as donation to Deekshabhoomi by the Thai students enrolled in the University of Nagpur. The stupa also comprises of a library and a photo gallery that portrays the historic events in the life of Gautama Buddha and Dr BR  Ambedkar.

Statue of Lord Buddha at Deekshabhoomi

Statue of Lord Buddha at Deekshabhoomi | Image Resource :

The hollow dome above the main hall of the stupa is surrounde by a veranda decorated with beautiful fountains. The doors of this stupa are embellished with the Ashoka Chakras and figurines of elephants, horses and lions. The stupa is also surrounded  by a lush green garden which is maintained by the Nagpur Improvement Trust.

Bodhi Tree at Deekshabhoomi

Bodhi Tree at Deekshabhoomi | Image Resource :

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