Patna Golghar - Emphasizes the Brutality of British over Indians

One of the archeological sites in Bihar is Patna Golghar. The word archeologist suits my character to much extent as I am a history lover in some traits. Planning to Patna was one of my exclusive trips that served me with satisfaction and delight and after having Litti, my delight was touching the heights. My appetite is much big as said by my brother. Anyways, now it was time to focus on the present, keeping the 10 minutes past at bay for a while. The historical build is as old as the British rule in India. Established with a vision to serve the British Army at the time of famine, this granary was build with great effort. The rapturous dome structure was authentically made to accommodate the maximum capacity of storage. But alas! The doors of the building were designed as such that they would open inside the house, making it difficult to operate at the time of its maximum capacity.

Patna Golghar

Patna Golghar | Image Resource :


It is true that when a massive building is imperfectly designed initially then it’s hard to change its structure. But it was also hard to create impeccable design for such gigantic mansion too. British had always been perfect in their own respective terms unlike freedom of India. Can you imagine the building possesses spiral staircases that move upwards towards the top of the building? What I can see there is the city of Patna intact with commercial and residential structures and nevertheless the River Ganga. The view is simply awe-inspiring! It is something that every traveler would love to witness. I was among such travelers, boundless and contented. There are 145 steps to be sum up and they were used to carry the grains upstairs by the coolies. They would drop the granary sacks and bags from the hole on the top and slide down from the other steps.

Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna | Image Resource :


I was raged with the feeling of brutality of the British Raj over the Indians. But it was useless doing this as they are no more the part of India and its democracy. Regaining my prior mood I came out of Patna Golghar premises and moved on.


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