My Train Travel from Delhi to Patna by Mahananda Express – Having a Wholesome Experience

What more would a Punjabi like me want? Some good food, a comfy seat and the promise of a fantastic vacation and I am off to whichever place you ask me to but yes, there should be the guarantee of full masti and fun - the two words come closest to my description. This time it is Patna and I was fully geared to make it work beautifully for me. For the same, my train travel from Delhi to Patna by Mahananda Express was chalked out way in advance so that none of the hurdles should come in between my fun times and me, thanks to the train ticket booking app. I had all bags and baggage packed by the night because my train left at about 6:40 in the morning. Although the roads would all be deserted in the morning to make it to the railway station in the least amount of time yet, I needed to exit home in time. Funnily, it indicated the commencement of my trip and I needed that to happen badly.

The morning air was crisp and a little chilly. It is that time of the day when I felt most relaxed and some of the bubbly traits of mine took a back seat for a bit of pondering and seriousness. But chuck it, who cares, I am finally on my vacation! I stepped into the railway station where there was the usual scenery but my eyes were affixed for my train simply because it was my ticket to days of pure luxury (pun intended). While my heart was doing its special rounds of cartwheels reserved exclusively for trips and travel, I was a fake picture of pure calmness, taking my seat with cool elegance, making sure my luggage was parked well under the seat and the works.

Mahananda Express

Mahananda Express | Image Resource :


With it began my train travel from Delhi to Patna by Mahananda Express and I loved it. I had a thousand expectations from my trip and I intended to fulfill each one of them. The ease at which the ticket was booked through the train ticket booking app made me more excited. I had online bookings at the Frontline Residency Patna and I looked forward to it.

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