A Visit to the Imposing and Formidable Junagarh Fort Bikaner

I was back at the hotel at 8am. I changed into some comfortable clothing, had my breakfast and by 9.45am, I was on my way to Junagarh Fort Bikaner. Looking at the fort from the outside, I could see that this was a very formidable structure.

The size, height and the structure of the fort shows the people that Raja Rai Singh, the trusted army general of Emperor Akbar, was a man with deep insights. The architecture of the fort also shows us how creative and artistically inclined, the artisans of those times were! The fort is a sprawling structure and built out of red sandstone and marble.

Junagarh Fort Bikaner

Junagarh Fort Bikaner | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org


There are two main gates to enter the Fort. Suraj Pol is the main gate, through which I entered. A moat surrounds the entire fort and the walls are so high that no enemy could possibly enter the fort, leave alone conquer it. It is also a fact that no one could conquer the fort; that is the greatness and strength of Junagarh fort.

Daulatpol, is the second gate and walking about, I came later came to this gate. Here, there were several handprints visible on the Sati Stambh. I learnt that these were the handprints of the royal ladies, who performed “Sati” on the pyres of their husbands. The other smaller entrances are Karan Pol, Chand Pol and Fateh Pol.

Bikaner Junagarh Fort

Bikaner Junagarh Fort | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org


The fort is huge and I could explore several palaces and temples within it. There are 37 palaces and some great structured pavilions too, within the fort. The Zenana quarters inside the fort has carved screens of marble and sandstone. It was through these that the royal women communicated with the outsiders.

Each palace is different, with different themes and essence to it. The walls of Badal Mahal have paintings of Lord Krishna and Radha dancing in rain clouds. Anup Mahal, where court meetings took place during the royal rule, has walls decorated in gold and red. Chandra Mahal has carved marble panels along with paintings on glass.

Radha Krishna Painting

Radha Krishna Painting | Image Resource : padmanabhdas.wordpress.com


Prachina museum inside the fort displays the jars, carpets, jewellery, manuscripts and the weapons used by the rulers. Portraits and the costumes worn by the royalties were on display in the museum too. The temples, several of them dedicated to different deities, had walls with beautiful carvings on it.

Prachina Museum Inside the Fort

Prachina Museum Inside the Fort | Image Resource : luxeglobetrotter.wordpress.com


It was a great experience walking for about 3 hours around the fort and if I had a royal robe on, I would have thought that I was the ruler here! This is how royal I felt within these walls of the fort.

Junagarh Fort Bikaner Interiors

Junagarh Fort Bikaner Interiors | Image Resource :  panoramio.com

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