Lucknow Zoo for the Sighting of Animals and a Museum too to Bring Together Animals and Artifacts

This last day of mine in Lucknow was indeed special for me for after this day I would have to return back to normalcy in my life. There would be numerous client meets and a lot of brain storming; hence, it is imperative that I relax myself and my brain. The provision of a zoo to the state of Lucknow is credited to Prince of Wales. It was during his visit in 1921 that the zoo was given a green signal to be made under the guidance of Sir Harcourt Butler, the then Governor of Lucknow. Prominent citizens of the state and wealthy donors profusely donated from their wealth to make the zoo possible. Initially, the Commissioner of Lucknow was appointed as the head of the care taking committee of the Lucknow Zoo but later the zoo came under the management of the Zoo Advisory Committee.


Lucknow Zoo
Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :
Entrance of Lucknow Zoo
Entrance of Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :


I looked around the zoo and relived some of my childhood memories. There is the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Indian Rhinoceros, the Asiatic Elephants and the Himalayan Black Bear among some of the widely known animals. Also, there are on display other animals too which are rare to find in the zoos. Why the zoo continued to be an attraction for the children of Lucknow was because of the presence of the toy train that the children enjoyed too much but since the past year it has remained more of a stationery train in the zoo premise. Instead, the zoo has welcomed a Shatabdi look-alike very recently. This train along with a vintage train will be added attractions for the locals and the tourists who visit in large numbers in the zoo of Lucknow.


Train in Lucknow Zoo
Train in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :
Love Bird in Lucknow Zoo
Love Bird in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :


The Lucknow Zoo also has the Uttar Pradesh State Museum open for the tourists who flock here. There are priceless artifacts here, and they include sculptures, paintings and artifacts made from bronze, which date back considerably. The major attraction in this section is the Egyptian Mummy. I had such a wonderful time in the zoo that with a heavy heart I left the zoo and Lucknow but it would continue to haunt me in my dreams; it would be difficult to forget Lucknow for sure.


Animal in Lucknow Zoo
Animal in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

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