Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow - For the Evening Out in the Lap of Nature

Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow

Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow| Image Resource : travelyestravel.blogspot.com


I had begun to feel rustic with the visits to the ancient albeit lovely monuments. To visit the Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow was in order or rather just what I needed. I was told that the place is a famous haunt for the locals to have picnics but since I had no company with me I gave the picnic angle a rest and had it in my mind to visit the popular place to enjoy it in the evening weather. It provides respite to many a people when stress gets to them and they come here to look forward to a fantastic time with their near and dear ones.

Kukrail Picnic Spot Lucknow

Kukrail Picnic Spot Lucknow | Image Resource : kukrail-picnic-spot-lucknow.blogspot.com


The visit is not limited to the Forest Reserve alone; instead, it extends to the Crocodile Rehabilitation Centre or the Ghariyal Rehabilitation Centre. This facility is made to breed and take care of the endangered Ghariyals found in the region. There is an active participation of the Government in this regard, which has made the cause very successful. Also, the visitors are allowed to pay the Kukrail Nursery and Leopard Rescue Centre a visit. Here, I could see how the plants species are preserved and looked after. Various other activities attracted my attention but I decided to go for boating in the River Kukrail. The calm and serene waters of the Kukrail River were a treat to my inner soul. I spent some quality time alone and reflected on all the major things in my life. The expectations of people from me as a Corporate Trainer and my deliverance to the best of my abilities, all of them flashed in front of me.

Crocodile Nursery Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow

Crocodile Nursery Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow | Image Resource : travelyestravel.blogspot.com


The way the Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow made me reflect on my life, likewise it also succeeds in providing enjoyment to the various people and families who come here looking for entertainment and fun. There are various swings and simple park rides that keep the children busy. The sun was setting on us and I took leave. With just two more days to go, I had Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow on my agenda for the next day and along with it was the realization that soon the trip was reaching its end.

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