Ladies’ Special: Tips to Get Beautiful and Glowing Skin

Hello everyone! Today, I have something really useful and valuable for all you beauty-conscious ladies out there.

Now I am very well aware that most of the working women like me, who would crib about their taxing lifestyles costing them their skin and complexion. Blame the sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, and longer working hours that we are just not able to do anything to revive our skin for good.

That is why, opulent complexion and a radiantly glowing skin seems to be bidding goodbye to us.

Though, as they say, nothing is Impossible, there are ways and means by which you can get your beautiful and glowing skin back. Here, I bring to you top tips that will help you gain desired results and that too instantly!

Firstly, build a routine by following these simple steps-

1. Wash your face thoroughly at night before going to bed. Use a gentle soap according to your skin type and give it a normal wash.
2. Apply toner/astringent daily to remove extra oil and dirt off your face.
3. Keep your skin moisturized throughout the day, especially at night to help it repair the dead cells.
4. To rejuvenate dry and flaky skin, take up exfoliating once a week.
5. Use a good sunblock lotion before heading it in ample sunlight.

Washing Face

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Secondly, use following tips to deal with acne-

1. Prevent pimples before they start by changing your pillowcase more often. A fresh pillowcase can help control the eruption of pimples overnight.
2. Do not prick or pop pimples as it can lead to permanent scarring.
3. If it is uncontrollable, see a dermatologist to get permanent cure for your pimples.
4. Invest in anti-acne face wash and face creams as they kill the bacteria preventing pimples from multiplying.
5. Consider using benzoyl peroxide cream and salicylic acid gel for spot treatments.

Skin Care Products

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Finally, eat right and Exercise by-

1. Aiming to drink up at least 6-8 glasses a day.
2. Eating a healthy meal high in proteins, fibre, and vitamins. 
3. Cut back on sugar and salt intake.
4. Consult a doctor on taking multivitamins and minerals.
5. Workout regularly, especially cardio as it stimulates blood flow and helps the skin glow.

That said, I also would like to add in that make sure you use beauty products according to your skin types. There are various beauty solutions available for oily, dry, and sensitive skin as well. Do your research or consult a doctor. If need be, go in for medicated beauty products. Stay beautiful, ladies!

Glowing Skin

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