My Favourite Photo Collections Of Wild Animals Pics

Snow And Cheeta
Snow And Cheeta | Image Resource :

This picture has two of my most favourite things Snow and cheeta. What makes this picture rare is that you hardly find a cheetah in snow. It is a perfect example of adaptation and how nature balance things on its own.

Tiger | Image Resource :

This beautiful picture melts my heart. The one thing that strikes out of this photo is not the Tiger but its innocent “Eyes.” It seem like the tiger is deliberately posing for this picture by giving this peculiar look towards the camera.

Hippos in water
Hippos in water | Image Resource :

“Hippos in water”! So what right. This may seem like a normal picture but it is not what makes it amazing is the fact that the baby hippo that appears swimming and following its Mother is just two days old.

Honeybees | Image Resource :

My Dad’s friend in our villages has a beautiful honey farm aka apiary. Therefore, I am quite knowledgeable about handling honeybees as well as choosing the right honey. What can I say, “I love honey.”

Camels | Image Resource :

What a spectacular picture to take in a desert. We may hate queue but these camel prefer following rules. It is not exactly a queue but these camels surely make this picture unique.

Seagulls Flying In Beach
Seagulls Flying In Beach | Image Resource :

This beautiful early morning picture of Seagulls flying in beach makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of my first trip to Goa as teenager. Although Seagulls are quite rare to find in India, if lucky you can see them during their hibernation season.

Whale | Image Resource :

Whale are one of the most wonderful and unique creations of God. Even though this picture misses most of the whale. I consider this picture as perfect.

Baby Monkey
Baby Monkey | Image Resource :

If you ask me, Why I like this picture ? The answer would be : “Baby monkey”. But, honestly the thing that I like the most is the again the eyes. Those eyes are so… “Martian like”.

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl | Image Resource :

I had to share this one of my favorite bird photos. It has been the desktop wallpaper for years. Ever since my childhood  i was always fascinated about Owl. I find them to be very beautiful as well as intellectual beings.

Horses | Image Resource :

A beautiful picture taken from a perfect angle. Seeing this four horses enjoying their day together, reminds me of the school days when I used to hangout with my friends :) HaHa


Hope that you liked my Favorite collections. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on my pictures or album.

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