Sunday special - Kashmiri Tangy Eggplant Curry

Sunday my day where I love spending time @ kitchen and experimenting new dishes. Since a week, I wanted to eat something tangy and refreshing. Therefore, finally time to fulfil my craving. I will be preparing top north side mountain dish the Tangy Eggplant Curry.


A Kashmiri special dish, which is spicy, tangy, and dam tasty. To enjoy the meal to fullest serve tangy eggplant curry with a long rice based pula or hot cooked lachhedar Parathas.  While those looking for a light tangy meal then have it with plain boiled rice or chapatti. As well, those crazy like me in search of more tangy taste then make sure you add in tamarind pulp, more of red chilli powder and fennel powder for strong aroma.

Kashmiri Tangy Eggplant Curry
Kashmiri Tangy Eggplant Curry | Image Resource :

Cooking Ingredients – Dish serves 2 people

Take all these 1tbsp - Ginger Paste, Red chilli powder, Fennel Powder.


  • 200 gm of eggplant cut straight in lengthwise. 150 ml tamarind pulp
  • Oil 400 ml – for frying  (Eggplant soaks much oil and taste is awesome when more oil) Make sure it is not excessively much also
  • 2 split green chillies
  • Salt to taste and pinch of hing 


Tangy Eggplant Curry
Tangy Eggplant Curry | Image Resource :

In a pan, heat the oil and fry the eggplant. Once done make sure you remove the excess oil.

Then take a pan, pour 100ml of oil, red chilli powder and dash of water so a chili paste is formed. Then add the ginger paste, fennel powder, pinch of hing and salt. Mix all well. 

Once mixed, and then add the fried eggplant and ½ cup of water to it. Cook all until 2-3 minutes.

Add the tamarind pulp and cook the eggplant until water, pulp is observed and becomes little dry.

Keep the eggplant semi liquid and once done turn off the flame and transfer it into a serving bowl.

Serve it with Paratha / Boiled Rice as you wish to eat.

For more tangy flavour, after cutting the eggplant I dipped it into the mixture of (tamarind pulp, ginger paste, chilli powder and fennel powder and then fried it.)

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